What groodle type is that?

Groodle is a blend of Golden Retriever & Poodle.

A first cross between these breeds results in a F1 Groodle which is 50% Golden Retriever & 50% Poodle. The coat of a F1 is usually a FLEECE coat and may shed lightly.

F1b is a F1 Groodle back mated with a poodle, resulting in 75% poodle 25% golden retriever. The coat of a f1b is usually WOOL and is non shedding.

Multi generation Groodles are when both patents are F1 groodles or F1b Groodles
They may be 2nd 3rd and 4th etc generation and can produce wool or fleece coated pups.

Groodle sizes can vary:

  • Standard Groodles have Standard Poodle mix and are the largest of the breed 25 kilo to 40+ kilo
  • Medium Groodle have miniature poodle parent. 15 to 25 kilo
  • Small Groodle are often a multi gen F1b with miniature or toy poodle parents and can be 10 to 15 kilo

This is a guide only and on my experiences and what you can expect when choosing puppies from minigroodles. Susie