To help ensure your new puppy will bring years of love and joy to your family, we take every precaution in our breeding program and only use dogs that have had been health and temperament tested.

Genetic health & temperament tested. We use Orievet to DNA test our dogs for genetically related diseases

Puppies are given loads of love and attention, gently handled, well socialised, and raised using quality products, wormed fortnightly, toenails clipped, and coats groomed. Toilet training will have begun.
We expect our puppies will have soft, curly non shedding coats.

Poodle pups ready for their forever homes 21st AUGUST 23

Deposits taken now. Call Tammy on 0421712748 or Susie 0402835378 IMG_20230801_192953 IMG_20230801_190042 IMG_20230801_190037 IMG_20230801_190031 IMG_20230801_190026 IMG_20230801_190021 IMG_20230801_190015 IMG_20230801_190010 IMG_20230801_185915


Cavoodle pups ready for their forever homes 7thSeptember’23 20230725_104745

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6 weeks vs 18 weeks old. She is a loved member of our family and my little shadow. She is sassy and loving and playful and we all love her so much. She has brought so much joy to us. She can sit, drop and much more (especially for liver treats).

She’s fully vaccinated now and is perfect on the lead. Thank you Susie ❤️❤️