Mini Groodle is a Golden Retriever and Mini Poodle – the best of both worlds!

As a cross breed, the groodle inherits the best traits of both the poodle and the golden retriever.

Groodles are highly intelligent, loyal, patient, obedient, fun loving, playful, gentle dogs.

Friendly, confident, and extremely easy to train and socialise.

Young mini groodleYoung F2 Mini Groodle


Groodles are friendly towards children, other dogs and pets

Devoted family dog, and happiest when people are around

They are a very social dog and happy to meet and greet new people

Their intelligence and eagerness to please, and love of learning

helps to make them a very easy pup to train

The Groodle does not require much grooming attention, they are light to non-shedding

great for families with mild allergies

Groodles require a moderate amount of exercise

Coat Colour: The color of the coat can be cream, gold, apricot, chocolate and black

Coat appearance: Can be anywhere from a shaggy-looking retriever to a curl-relaxed poodle

A medium size dog, and are quite happy in a medium sized courtyard or average suburban back yard.

Groodles love to swim and fetching balls and sticks and just love to be with you.