Mini Groodalier pups born 10th June ready at 8 weeks 5th August. 1 girl and 2 boys available.
Poppy and Patch with their second litter of ruby red groodalier puppies.

$500 holding deposit will secure a puppy. Full price $4900. Parents DNA clear. Pups will have light to non shed coats with Apricot,, Golden colours.

We expect these groodalier pups to reach 10 to 13 kilo as adults. call Susie 0402835378 to reserve a puppy or find out more about these puppies.

Puppies are chosen after 6 week vet check, once vaccinated and microchipped etc.

 Both parents have been genetically health tested and have easy going loving sound temperaments

Your puppy is ready to go home with you at 8 weeks of age with a puppy vaccination and microchip record,  food, bowl, collar, lead, toy and a rug with familiar smells will accompany your pup to help settle him into his new home.

To help ensure your new puppy will bring years of love and joy to your family, we take every precaution in our breeding program and only use dogs that have had been health and temperament tested. We use Orievet to DNA test our dogs for genetically related disceases.  

We are very excited about our Groodalier breed. The combination of miniature poodle, cavoodle and golden retriever has set these pups apart, with a greater hybrid vigour, loose non shedding coat, lovely balanced confirmation, big open eye, and loving willing to please temperament.

Puppies are given loads of love and attention, gently handled, well socialised, and raised using quality products, wormed fortnightly, toenails clipped, and coats groomed. Toilet training will have begun.

We expect our puppies will have soft, curly to shaggy non to lightly shedding coats.