F2 Mini Groodle

Playful 2 year old Male

Fun loving family pet or stud dog.

Call Susie for more info

mob: 04 7882 6622





Miniature Poodle /

Toy Poodle Pup    

Adorable Black Male Pup

Cuddly with loads of personality

12 weeks  11.06.14


 Pups are vet checked,wormed, flea/tick treated, vaccinated and microchipped before going home at week eight.

 A puppy folder containing vaccination card and helpful advice on looking after your pup, will accompany your pup, plus food and a bowl and a toy with familiar smells,  to help you settle him into his new environment.

Our puppies are given loads of love and attention and are well socialised.Toilet training will have begun.

We expect our groodles to have a soft, curly/shaggy, non to lightly shedding coats.

A groodle is a highly intelligent, fun loving, easy to train, medium sized dog

We can organise transport for you with Dogmovers (Road) or Dogtainers (Air)